Shipping your bouquet

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Your bouquet must be received within 3 days of the event. We strongly recommend over night or next day delivery service through a courier like UPS.

We have had mixed results with Canada Post with items being delivered outside of their indicated timeframe.

Before shipping

Keep your bouquet in fresh water, cut the stems on an angle to increase water absorption. Remove ribbons, if tape or wire is not easily removable and may damage the flowers, leave it as is. If it can be removed prior to shipping, please do so.

DO NOT include any breakable, valuable or items other than your bouquet flowers/greenery. We are not responsible for anything lost or broken in transit.

When you are ready to ship, dry off the stems of your bouquet. Wet a paper towel and wrap it around the cut ends only. Use a plastic bag or ziploc with tape or elastics to secure the wet paper towel at the cut ends of the bouquet. You do not want water going to your blooms, as this may cause rot or mold.

Packing your bouquet

In a large cardboard box, indicate that there are flowers and the contents are fragile.

With your box open, layer crumpled paper, packing peanuts or other soft packing materials at the bottom of your box.

wrap your bouquet in layers of paper or bubble wrap. Then lay your wrapped bouquet on the soft packing materials.

If you are shipping in the summer, adding a frozen gel pack taped and secured to the side of your box where the stems are can be helpful. DO NOT put ice in the box, and do not put frozen items near the blooms. This will cause damage and rot.

Finally, and layers of soft packing materials on top of your wrapped bouquet and seal the box.